Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

How to Uninstall a Second Operating System

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To Uninstall a Second Operating System, you have to Log in as the system administrator in your primary operating system. After that, Retrieve and back up all important data from the hard drive or hard drive partition to be formatted. Then, Click "Start", "Control Panel" and "System and Security". Next, click "Administrative Tools." You need to open "Computer Management." You must look on the left side of the screen and click "Disk Management." Forth, look at the list of hard drives and partitions on your computer. 
You should do the Right-click the one you want to format and choose "Format." After that, Type a name for the drive in the box titled "Volume Label." Then, Set the File System to NTFS, the file system for Windows XP, Vista as well as 7. You can Leave the Allocation unit size box as "Default." Next, uncheck the "Quick Format" box and Click "OK." Last, Confirm the format by clicking "OK" on the warning screen.

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