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How to Delete the Security Center From Window XP

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Indeed, Security Center slows your computer. Actually, Security Center is a rogue anti-virus program that is installed through the Vundo as well as Zlob trojans. In fact, Security Center launches pop-up alerts telling you that your computer is infected with malware as well as encouraging you to buy the "full version" of the rogue anti-virus program. It produces system scan messages that inexperienced users take as authentic. Otherwise, Security Center changes your browser homepage and redirects your Internet searches to sites featuring other rogue anti-virus programs. Fortunately, you are able to remove Security Center from Windows XP for free.
To Delete the Security Center from Window XP, you have to Click "Start," "Run," type "regedit" into the run box and click "OK." After that, you need to do the right-click HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun SecurityCenter in the left pane of the Registry Editor and select "Delete." Then, you must close the Registry Editor. Next, Click "Start," "Search" and "All Files and Folders." Forth, you should Search for and delete: C:/Program Files/SecurityCenter/SecurityCenter.URL
C:/Program Files/SecurityCenter/SecurityCenter.exe
UserProfile/Start Menu/Programs/SecurityCenter
UserProfile/Start Menu/SecurityCenter.lnk
To delete a file, you need to do the right-click the file and select "Delete." Last, you can restart your computer. Then, you will find that Security Center is removed.

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