Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013

How to View NoteFolio on a TI

To View NoteFolio on a TI, you have to Push "APPS" on your TI to get a list of the Apps on your device. After that, Use the arrows to select "NoteFolio." You need to push any key and the NoteFolio App will appear on the screen. Then, Turn off the alpha-lock on your TI device's keypad. You must Use the arrow keys located on the keypad or TI keyboard to go to the different menu tabs. You should highlight a command from the menu.
You can Push "Enter" on the TI keypad or a keyboard to select the command. You have to close a menu tab with pressing "Clear" on the TI device or "Backspace" on a keyboard. Next, View menus by pushing "GRAPH." You need to pick "File" and "6-Exit" or push "2nd-Quit" to exit NoteFolio.

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