Rabu, 15 Mei 2013

How to Fix the Color Function on your Insignia TV

To Fix the Color Function on your Insignia TV, you have to Press "Menu" and the onscreen menu appears on the screen. After that, Press "Enter" to access the "Picture" menu. You need to Use the down arrow button to scroll to the bottom and highlight "Reset Picture Settings." You must press "Enter," followed by "Exit." You should Take a look at the color on a typical show and determine if the color function has been corrected. You can look for excessive reds and blues too.
Then, Make adjustment to the color settings if the result from the previous step is unacceptable. You have to enter the "Picture" menu again. Using the same technique as before, you have to scroll down to "Color." You need to Use the arrow buttons to make color saturation changes to this setting. You must check your results again by looking at a television show. You should keep making changes until the color saturation is correct. Next, adjust the "Color Temperature" setting in the same menu by using the same technique.

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