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How to Reinstall Norton 360 After a Reformat

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Actually, one of the most important things a computer user can do is to make sure that his PC is protected against threats from the Internet. In fact, one of the more popular programs available is Norton 360. It is the protection suite that manufacturer Symantec. Indeed, Norton 360 claims to offer protection against viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots as well as rootkits. To Reinstall Norton 360 after a Reformat, you have to find your Norton 360 installation disk. You need to download the Norton 360 installation file from the Symantec site if you do not have an installation disk. After that, find your Norton 360 Product Activation key. You must Contact Symantec to get a copy of your key if you cannot find yours.

Then, Insert the Norton 360 installation disk or double-click the "Norton 360" installation program on the desktop. You should close all other open programs to prevent any conflict. Next, click the "Install Norton 360" option. You can Read the "User Agreement" and click "I Agree." You have to enter your "Product Activation" key and click "Next" to begin reinstalling the program. Forth, wait for the installation process to complete. After that, Type in your log-in details for Norton and click "Next." Last, Click "Finish" and let the "Quick Scan" to run to complete the reinstall process.

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