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How to Modify an LNB

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To Modify an LNB, you have to find the single Phillips screw under the bottom of the existing single LNB at the end of the LNB feeder tube. You need to unscrew this screw with using the Phillips-head screwdriver. After that, unscrew the two coaxial cables leading from the LNB to the multiswitch along with the single coaxial cable leading into the structure. You must pull the coaxial connectors back from the feeder tube’s open end. Then, Pull off the existing LNB from the front of the feeder tube. You should Slide the adapter arm into the end of the feeder tube in its place. You can replace the Phillips screw to secure this assembly. Next, Slide the two coaxial cables back into the feeder tube.
You have to Slide two new coaxial cables from the back of the tube through the front of the mast. Forth, Unscrew the original multiswitch and attached coaxial cables with using the 1/4-inch screwdriver. You need to Bolt the new 4-by-8 unit in place. After that, thread the four coaxial connectors to each LNB. Then, Screw the new LNB and the original unit to the receptors at the end of the new bracket with the included Phillips machine screws, nut as well as Phillips screwdriver. Next, Thread the two coaxial cables from one of the LNBs to the "101 (SAT A)" input with the other two leading to the "119 (SAT B)" coaxial posts. Last, Reconnect the coaxial cable leading into the structure to the "OUT" coaxial post.

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