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How to Install a CB Beam

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To Install a CB Beam, you have to connect the two detached boom sections with pressing the ends together. After that, Center the boom-to-mast plate across the boom's center connection joint. You need to attach two U-bolts across the boom as well as through the plate. You must secure the U-bolts to the plate with four washers as well as four nuts with using a wrench. Then, Center the mast behind the boom-to-mast plate. You should secure the mast to the plate with two U-bolts. You can attach four washers and four nuts to the U-bolts. You have to Tighten with using a wrench. Next, put one element tube perpendicularly on the boom's reflector end. You need to secure the element tube with a U-bolt.
You must attach two washers as well as two nuts to the U-bolt and Tighten with using a wrench. Forth, attach two element tubes to the opposite side of the boom known as the "director." You should Space the element tubes evenly from each other. After that, secure each element tube with one U-bolt, two washers as well as two nuts by using a wrench. Then, attach the gamma match portion of the CB beam assembly to the middle element with using gamma straps. You can tighten the straps with two washers and two nuts with using a wrench. Next, Connect a coaxial cable into the gamma matches' connection port. You have to Snake the cable down to connect with the user's CB radio assembly. Forth, turn on the CB radio system. You need to adjust the gamma matches' physical location to get the best radio signal.

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