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How to Remove the Nod Antivirus

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To Remove the Nod Antivirus, you have to Click "Start" and "All Programs." You need to Scroll down the list to the entry marked "ESET" and click on "Uninstall." After that, Follow onscreen prompts to remove the ESET NOD32 security product from your computer. If you receive a message warning that you do not have required privileges to uninstall the software, you must log in with an administrator account and continue with the removal process. You should wait until the program is completely removed. You can click on confirmation message on the last screen. Then, Restart the computer and wait for the operating system and initial processes to load. You have to Navigate to "Folder Options" with clicking "Start" and "Control Panel." You need to find the "Folder Options" icon and double-click in order to change preferences. In the subsequent pop-up screen, you must click to open the second tab marked "View." Next, make hidden files and folders viewable. In the "View" tab, you should find the heading "Hidden files and folders" inside the text area marked "Advanced Settings." 
You can click on the radio button adjacent to the text "Show hidden files and folders." You have to confirm the action with clicking "Apply" and "OK." Forth, navigate to "C:\Program Files\ESET" and delete the folder. If your product is installed on a different directory, you need to navigate to the appropriate location on disk. You must do Right-click on the folder and pick "Delete." After that, delete the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ESET." You must Go to "My Computer," double click "C:\" and then "Documents and Settings." You should navigate to the folder marked "ESET" with clicking "All Users" and "Application Data". You can delete the folder. Then, Delete the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\%USER%\Application Data\ESET." You have to Navigate to the folder and delete it. Last, do the right-click on the icon and choose "Empty Recycle Bin."

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