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How to Exclude Specifics from Norton Security

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In fact, Norton Internet Security includes a parental control that is made by default to automatically block certain types of sites from your browser. It is accomplished with choosing a category of websites that you would like to block. All websites within that category will not be accessible from that machine. For the average user the default settings perhaps work fine, but if you are a more advanced user who plays games online or shares files with other computers you may quickly run into a problem. If this occurs, you are always able to add a particular website or service as an exception within Norton Internet Security.
To Exclude Specifics from Norton Security, you have to Double-click the small "Norton" icon at the bottom of your desktop to open Norton Internet Security's main program window. After that, you can pick the "Parental Control" option. Then, Click the "Sites" button. From the window that appears. You need to select the "Exceptions" option and click "Add." You must Type the exact URL Web address into the box on screen. You should click "OK" to save your exception and close the window. Next, you can Click "OK" to return to the main Norton Internet Security toolbar. 

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