Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

How to Remove the Fake Antivirus

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In fact, various forms of spyware have taken on the disguise of antivirus applications. Actually, these fake antivirus applications display constant virus alerts via pop-ups as well as displayed on web pages. Indeed, the goal of these fake threats is to trick the user into paying for the fake antivirus, handing over personal information as well as credit card information. In most cases, your system is free from viruses and you will need to remove the spyware in order to resume control of your computer. You can do this with using Microsoft's free online antivirus as well as anti-spyware scanner.
With this way, you do not need to install and update any additional applications.  To Remove the Fake Antivirus, you have to Launch Internet Explorer and open the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner site. After that,   Install the ActiveX Control. You need to choose "Allow/Install" on the pop-up. Then, Click "Full Service Scan." Next, you should Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the scan. Once the results are displayed, you must remove all detected threats and allow the Safety Scanner to make the necessary repairs. Forth, Restart the computer to complete the process and the malicious software is removed for good.

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