Senin, 03 Desember 2012

How to Protect your Smartphone from Viruses

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To protect your Smartphone from Viruses, you have to open attachments on your phone with the same caution as you do on your computer. Besides, watch for suspicious links sent through email or text messages. In addition, download apps only from legitimate app stores. You need to read the reviews before buying to make sure there is no buzz about a virus attached with the app. Other than that, Practice safe memory card use. Moreover, Set the Bluetooth option on your phone to the undiscoverable setting. Furthermore, protect your iPhone from malware and other virus infections with anti-virus apps.
You need to select from a handful of well-known and trusted anti-virus software providers because some viruses present themselves as inexpensive or free virus software from unknown companies.  If you own an Android-powered phone, you must download anti-virus from reliable suppliers to protect your personal information. Otherwise, add anti-virus protection for your BlackBerry with Bullguard Mobile Security that offers a user-friendly online interface that lets you to manage your virus protection and back up information from your phone or your computer. Although if your Windows computer is protected with anti-virus software, remember that you still need a separate mobile app for your phone. You should Find Windows Mobile virus protection with the Kaspersky Mobile Security app that offers a full range of protection not available in its BlackBerry and Android apps.

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