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How to Deploy McAfee Antivirus from an EPO

How to Deploy McAfee Antivirus From an EPO thumbnail
To Deploy McAfee Antivirus from an EPO, you have to Click Software in the EPO's menu. You need to select the Master Repository, click Actions and Check in Packages. After that, choose the McAfee Antivirus package file from the list that appears. Then, Click the "Next" button at the bottom of the window and press "Save." Next, pick Systems in the EPO's menu. You must select System Tree and Systems. You should click the checkbox next to the name of the computer to which you want to send the Antivirus software. Forth, choose Actions from the menu and click on Agent. You can Modify Tasks on a Single System. You have to click the "New Task" button.
After that, Find the Type drop-down menu and choose the Antivirus package. Then, Press the "Next" button until you reach the Products and Components window. You need to set the Action to Install and choose the language in which you'd like the program to be installed. Next, Press the "Next" button until the Schedule window appears. You must set the date and time you want the Antivirus package to be deployed to the computer you selected.
You should click "Next" and "Save" to complete the process.

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