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How to Update Menu Systems in CA

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In fact, CA Internet Security products offer users program options via menu systems. When many programs have menus, CA products offer complicated menu trees to let you to set up firewalls, scan directories or hard drives as well as filter unauthorized Internet access. Without the latest menu systems, you perhaps are not able to protect against the most recent threats. Upgrading menu systems in CA will not just change or add menu options, it will also add additional functionality in order to protect against the latest threats.
To Update Menu Systems in CA, you have to Log in to your CA account online. After that, you need to Scroll down to the product for which you wish to update the menu systems. Then, you must click the plus sign to the left of that product title. Next, you should write down the license key(s) that appear. Forth, you can click the "Click here" link above the product title. After that, you have to click "Download" and Click "Run" in the box that pops up. Then, you need to Type in your license key and click "Submit." Next, you must click "Install update." Last, you should restart your computer once prompted.

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