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How to Manually Install Sophos on a Mac

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Actually, Sophos is the free-antivirus application for Macintosh computers that protects your system from spyware, viruses as well as hackers without the fee normally required for a high level of protection. In fact, the application is available from the official Sophos website and gives a simple setup using the installer package (pkg) file. When installed, the software runs in the background in order to protect your computer and will only appear once a potential threat attempts to connect to your computer. To Manually Install Sophos on a Mac, you have to Visit the Sophos site and click "Download Now." You need to Click "Finder" on your dock and click "Downloads" in the side menu to find the downloaded file.
After that, you can Double-click "savosx_73_he.dmg" and double-click "Sophos Antivirus Home Edition.mpkg." You must click "Continue" in order to launch the application's installer. Then, you have to Click "Continue" in the application's installer window and click "Agree" in the license agreement window. You should click your main hard disk to install the software and click "Continue." Next, you need to Click "Install" and enter your system administrator password in the pop-up password prompt window. Forth, you must Click "Continue" and "Close" once the installation is finished that is indicated by a chime and a green check mark in the installer window.

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