Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

How to Use AVG Anti-Virus Protection

To Use AVG Anti-Virus Protection, you have to download the AVG anti-virus protection program from the www.grisoft.com site. After that, set the program to automatically update every day. You need to update the AVG anti-virus protection manually with right clicking the AVG icon on your taskbar and click on "check for updates." Then, add the email scanner to scan your email as it comes into your mail program. Next, Right click on any program or file on your computer to run a specific anti-virus check on it. Forth, follow the recommended action from AVG if a virus is found. 
Before you delete the object, you need to ensure you read the help section or go to the online help center. Next, Run the AVG anti-virus protection on any downloaded program before opening it the first time to help keep your computer virus free. Forth, check your computer daily for virus protection using the AVG test center. You must Right click AVG anti-virus protection icon on your taskbar and click on "launch test center." You should scan selected areas or scan all hard drives on your computer.

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