Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

How to Overcome Technology Barriers

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To Overcome Technology Barriers, you have to identify the barriers that need to be overcome. After that, learn why it is necessary to integrate technology in a certain field. You need to consider the present and future implications of integrating and not integrating. Then, Integrate with what is available. Next, start with small and fast projects before moving on to larger, time-consuming tasks. Forth, make technology integration a priority. If necessary, you must ask for support. 
You should Use what is available to get started and be flexible and open minded when using low-tech alternatives. During a semester or a quarter, you can integrate at least a new technology-based strategy and work with others to get it adopted faster. After that, learn with your employees or students to reduce the learning curve. You have to ask for suggestions. You need to allow the employees or students determine how to best use the technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

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