Minggu, 23 Juni 2013

How to Convert Vinyl Records to Computer

To Convert Vinyl Records to Computer, you have to Plug in your record player and connect it to your computer. You need to plug the 1/8-inch cord or RCA cable into the headphone jack on the record player and the 1/8-inch microphone input on the computer. You must make sure the cables are connected correctly to ensure a high quality transfer. After that, prepare the computer to record the audio input. Then, Test the recording process.
You should Play a record and test the software to ensure it is recording correctly. If not, you have to make sure that the cables are connected correctly and that the computer's audio input is turned on. Next, Record your vinyl record. You need to Time the recording and record to begin. You must end at the same time so that your digital audio track matches the song playback. Forth, save the file on your computer. You should save it on your computer to listen to whenever you want or to transfer to your MP3 player.

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