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How to Program 3D Games in Java

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To Program 3D Games in Java, you have to make a basic story line for your game. After that, decide on the number of levels in the game. Then, Devise a game strategy. Next, decide on how the game should appear in the screen to the player. Forth, Download the Java 3D API, JOGL and Jake2 or JME. To use the Jake2 engine, you need the data files from the original game or from the demo version that is available. After that, install the supporting OS in the system. Then, Check out if the Jake2 provides full screen support and two different Open GL bindings (jogl and lwjgl). Next, download other game related libraries.
Forth, learn splash screens, JavaScript scripting, desktop and system tray interfaces. After that, remember that the non-standard input devices are mostly webcam, game pad and P5 data glove. Then, dont forget that Mouse clicks in JMonkeyEngine are converted to regular Swing events. Next, use the GUI available to convert all the files to JME format, a scene and particle editor. Forth, use the interactive icons to design 3D objects that should appear in the game. After developing, you must run the game and check for bugs if any. Last, Correct the bugs.

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