Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

How to Remove Spy Sweeper From Your XP PC

To Remove Spy Sweeper From Your XP PC, you have to Click the "Start" button. You need to choose "Control Panel" and "Add or Remove Programs." After that, pick the "Spy Sweeper" program and click the "Remove" button. Then, Click "Yes" to remove Spy Sweeper. Windows and uninstall Spy Sweeper from your machine. If the uninstall gives you an error, you need to right-click the Spy Sweeper icon located on the right side of the toolbar near the clock and pick "Exit."
You must press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" in order to open the Task Manager. You should Click the "Processes" tab. You can Scroll through the list of processes. You must look for "spysweeper.exe." If it is listed, you have to choose it and click the "End Process" button. You need to search for and end "WRSSSDK.exe." You must repeat steps to remove the program. Last, you must click "Yes" to restart your machine after Spy Sweeper is removed.

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