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How to Change a Photo Using Chroma Key

How to Change a Photo Using Chroma Key thumbnail
To Change a Photo Using Chroma Key, you need the right supplies and backgrounds during the shoot. You need to ensure that the people and objects in the shoot are not wearing any colors that correspond to the Chroma key background. After successfully taking your photo, you have to select the type of software you want to use to alter the photo. After selecting a Chroma key program to use, you should turn the green or blue screen used in the photograph into a transparent background. You can do this with choosing the "Layers" function in the chosen program. After selecting "Layers," you have to browse your desktop to find the photo with the green or blue screen background. 
Once the photo is loaded, you need to use a trace tool to move around the entire background and the image(s) in the foreground of the photo. You must cut out the portion you selected to leave the transparent void where the green or blue screen used to be. After removing the background for the image, you should begin with adding an additional layer to the current photo. You can browse your hard drive for a photo that may be a suitable background for the original image. You have to Load it into the program. You need to put the image in the background. You must use filters on the photo program to change the lightness as well as darkness of the background image to help match it up with the foreground image.

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