Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

How to Make Changes to the Non-Editable Adjustment in Photoshop

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You can Use some ingenuity once you work in Adobe Photoshop. In fact, Adobe Photoshop includes many editable adjustments you may refine over and over again to make precisely the effect or correction you need in the images you edit. Conversely, several Photoshop adjustments are destructive. When you apply them and save your file, their effects will become a permanent part of your image. If you use a little creativity, you are able to make some of these permanent transformations editable so that you can adjust them to your heart's content. To Make Changes to the Non-Editable Adjustment in Photoshop, you have to apply your correction or adjustment through an adjustment layer rather than a destructive process.
After that, you need to turn your layer or collection of layers into a Smart Object. You must apply your adjustment to it. Then, you should undo your adjustment. You can reapply it with different parameters. Next, you have to duplicate your layer. You need to apply your adjustment to the duplicate. If you are unhappy with your results, you need to discard the duplicate and reapply the effect on a new copy of the original layer. You need to edit your Layer Style until you are happy with your effects. You must turn it off or delete it if it does not meet your needs. Forth, you should Use a Layer Mask to block the visibility of image areas you do not want.

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