Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

How to Block Facebook from Use

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You can Stop Facebook from monopolizing your time. When Facebook is the excellent tool for networking and can help you keep in touch with friends as well as family, it may also be a distraction. Whether at home or work, it is all too easy to spend your time chatting with friends, looking through photos as well as sharing video on Facebook. When Facebook is affecting appropriate time management for anyone in the family or when you have other concerns about the program, you are easily block the site completely from use via the security settings on your computer's native Internet browser, Internet Explorer.
To Block Facebook from Use, you have to Open Internet Explorer and type the Facebook URL that is www.facebook.com into the address bar of your browser. You need to wait for the login page to load. After that, you must Click "Tools" and choose "Internet Options." Then, you should pick the "Security" tab. You can pick "Restricted Sites" that is a "Do Not Enter" icon. Next, you have to Click "Sites" and the Facebook URL should be automatically inputted into the "Add" zone. You must Click "Add" and it will be inaccessible from your browser. Forth, you need to let Facebook once again with following steps one through four. You must only choosing "facebook.com" from the bottom list and clicking "Remove."

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