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How to Remove Antivirus from a New Folder with Newfolder Fix Wizard

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In fact, the New Folder virus disables the Task Manager, Run command as well as Windows Registry Editor. Actually, numerous folders will appear on your computer named New Folder. When you delete one of these folders, it will automatically make a new one. When you click on the folder, it spreads the virus on your computer and makes more folders. Then, your computer's performance will become drastically impaired and it is difficult to remove this virus. Three known tools that will remove it from your system are SDFix, Combo Fix as well as Newfolder Fix Wizard.
To Remove Antivirus from a New Folder with Newfolder Fix Wizard, you have to Download Newfolder Fix Wizard and save it to your desktop. You need to follow the onscreen instructions to install it to your computer. After that, you can Double-click on the Newfolder Fix Wizard icon on your desktop and click "Next." Then, the scan will begin automatically. You must be patient, as this scan takes a while to finish. Forth, you have to click "Next" and Newfolder Fix Wizard will display a log of files removed. You should Click "Finished" when you are done looking at the log. After that, the dialog window will close.

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