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How to Disable PC Security

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PC Security 2011 can slow your computer. In fact, PC Security is also known as PC Security 2011. Indeed, it is the spyware program disguised as a legitimate anti-spyware program. Actually, the aim of PC Security is to scare you into thinking that your computer is infected with spyware so that you will buy the "full version" of PC Security to remove the spyware. PC Security attempts to accomplish this with launching pop-up advertisements that make statements such as "Warning! Adware Detected!" Fortunately, the spyware program may be removed with using the free anti-spyware program included with the Windows Vista as well as 7 operating systems.
To Disable PC Security, you have to Click "Start," "All Programs" and "Windows Defender." Then, you will find the Windows Defender program opens. After that, you need to click "Tools" and "Options." Then, you must check the box next to "Check for updated definitions before scanning" and click "Save." Next, you should click the "Down Arrow" next to "Scan". You can select "Full Scan."  Windows Defender will scan your computer for spyware, including PC Security. After that, it will remove any spyware that it detects. It may take anywhere between several minutes as well as several hours.

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